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2004 Bass World Sports
Tournament Association Team Classic

Pickwick Lake

Sponsored by
Florence/Lauderdale Tourism
One Hightower Place Florence, AL 35630
call 1-888-356-8687

October 9-10 , 2004

$90,000.00 in cash & prizes

(Read all the information listed)

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Letters will be mailed to qualifiers when your division ends and should be
returned by October 1st.  Take-off is by points earned.   Top point
teams from each division will take-off first.  Any entry form received after this
 date will be added to the end of pack (no exceptions) and will be last boat out.

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2004 BWSTA Team Classic

Date: October 9-10, 2004                Worth over $90,000.00 in cash and prizes

Entry Fee: $130.00                             100% payback of all money received

Site:                                            Pickwick Lake  McFarland Park Ramps & Harbor    Florence, Al
For free fishing packet and motel information call 1-888-356-8687

Tournament Headquarters:      Jameson Inn 115 Ana Drive Florence, Al 1-256-764-5326

Pre-Tournament Meeting:        October 8th at The Florence/Lauderdale Coliseum
                                                     702 East Veterans Dr. 
5:00 PM all Teams must be present

Welcome to our 2004 BWSTA Team Classic. Jameson Inn, 115 Ana Drive Florence, AL 35630, is the official tournament headquarters, we have enclosed a list of sponsoring motels and businesses, please patronize these businesses. The pre-tournament meeting will be at The Florence/Lauderdale Coliseum, 702 E Veterans Dr. at 5:00 PM on October 8th, all Teams must be present. The take-off and weigh in site will be at McFarland Park Ramps & Harbor. Local businesses, will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We want to thank all of you for fishing with us and hope you enjoy fishing our 2004 BWSTA Team Classic. Tournament, meeting will start at 5:00 PM.

Please call the sponsoring establishments for room reservations (list enclosed). We suggest you make room reservations as soon as possible, otherwise no rooms may be available. They will give you information on who to call once they are booked up. Your Team must be present at the pre-tournament meeting. We will announce hours and hand out boat numbers and go over the basic rules. If your team can't be present make arrangements for another team to pick up your boat number and pass on the information about the tournament.

You will need a Alabama fishing license to fish the tournament. You can buy your license and maps at the local tackle stores they should have what you need or go to www.dcnr.state.al.us/fishing/ Non-resident license are $11.00 for a seven day permit. Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Office at 1-888-356-8687 for license and maps for Pickwick Lake.

Pre-tournament meeting BWSTA Award Banquet Bar-B-Q, Friday nite Oct 8th at The Florence/Lauderdale Coliseum, 702 E Veterans Dr. at 5:00 PM. We will announce tournament hours, go over rules and hand out boat numbers. All teams must be present at meeting. There is no charge for you and your partner for the banquet. Any additional people attending there will be $5.00 per person charge.

The length limit on fish for the tournament will be what ever the state size limit is and 5 fish per boat per day. The take-off will be by points you received during the year, ties will be broken by division with most boats. The take-off will remain the same both days of the tournament. You can fish anywhere on the lake you can get to by boat, you can lock into Wilson and Wheeler, no trailering. There are maps of the lake, pick one up when you buy your license. There is no off-limits time for fishing, but we will make the cove inside the marker buoys off limits. All BWSTA tournament rules will be used. Hours will be announced at pre-meeting. Results form the 1st day will be posted at Jameson Inn lobby window after 7:00 PM or sooner.

Enclosed is an entry form to complete and it must be returned to us by October 1st, or your team will be passed over for the Team Classic. Entry forms must be completely filled out as this is the only way we know you are coming to the Team Classic. Any additional person for banquet is $5.00 per person, you can enclose this when you send your entry forms. We must have the entry forms by October 1st, or we will assume you will not be coming to our Classic. Any entries after October 6th, will be placed at the end of take-off. No exceptions! Take-off will be by points earned during year.

The 2004 TOP POINT TEAM winners with the most weight weighed in at the Team Classic, will win additional free entries for 2005 and prizes. All Top Point Team Division winners, will get $330.00 in free entries if they fish the classic and donít win the award if they donít fish.

Florence Harbor & Marina  McFarland Park   1-256-768-1299

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Ranger Boats, Mercury and all our fine sponsors welcomes all
of you to this years BWSTA Team Classic.

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Mertens Boats & Motors   ( 573 ) 635-6419

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